Sounds off the Kerb

This engaged research project will combine a low threshold experimental sound production intervention with outreach work and social network mapping to develop and advance a new technique for reconnecting young people in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.
The aim of this follow-up study of a brief intervention is to connect young African men with supportive connections through experimental music performance and production. There are six key partners in the project;  James Hullick (The Click Clack Project), Adam Simmons (Fat Rain Music), Mark Young and Daniel Haile (Kids off the Kerb), A/Prof John Fitzgerald (University of Melbourne) and Dr James Oliver (VCA-MSM, University of Melbourne).

At project commencement performance network data will be collected from the participants. Four months after the workshops the participants will provide an update to their social network maps.  This data will map who they are socially connected with and who they currently play music with.  The pilot will demonstrate to what extent participation in the brief intervention and outreach work impacted on the participants’ social and music performance social networks.


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