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100 duets – 25 days –  through 1 musician

Melbourne’s live music scene is one of the best in the world. One reason for the strength of musical expression to emerge from Melbourne comes from the diversity and flexibility of its musicians to work across different scenes. One musician who exemplifies this is woodwind multi-instrumentalist Adam Simmons. During November 2015, Adam will perform 25 concerts with four duets per night with 100 different musicians from rock/pop, jazz, experimental, world, folk, blues, classical, electronica and more. In addition, an installation will be built during the month, illustrating the ways in which the various artists all connect and recordings of all performances will be made available.

Artists include:

Anne Norman, Carolyn Connors, Clinton Green, David Chesworth, Eugene Ughetti, James Hullick, Janet English, John McAll, Julien Wilson, Kavisha Mazzella, Kutcha Edwards, Michael Kieran Harvey, Monique Dimattina, Paul Grabowsky, Robin Fox, Sam Lemann, Steve Purcell, Tony Gould, Warren Burt, Whitt and 80 more.

for more details go to  http://www.100251.com.au/


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